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Are you looking for a chance to learn new skills? Become more confident? Improve team dynamics? Or maybe you’re looking for a fun day of team building. Whatever the case may be, I’m thrilled to be involved. Through my workshops and general facilitation services, I will help you get closer to your goals and I promise that you’ll have some fun along the way.

Hey there! I’m Tammy, an adult educator who helps people see their potential through strength-based leadership and supportive learning environments.

Oh, and that handsome little guy I’m holding?…That’s William! My favorite little dog in the world!  Want to know what I really love (aside from William)? It’s actually pretty simple. I love teaching, public speaking, and making a positive difference in the lives of everyone I meet. So far in my career I have been fortunate enough to call myself a university instructor, a student success manager, as well as a long term dedicated team member of a non-profit youth-serving organization. The intersection of my various roles has provided me with real-life experience, insight, and skills that I’d love to share with the world.

Education & Certifications

Master of Arts (Sociology)

Bachelor of Arts

Certified Coach 

Certified in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Child Development Worker Certification

Certified Developmental Assets & Developmental Relationships Trainer

Countless professional development workshops as I am always looking to expand my knowledge

University Instructor

Top 5 CliftonStrengths: Maximizer, Positivity, Harmony, Achiever, Consistency

“Tammy is an excellent instructor who provides an open & accepting environment. I felt comfortable voicing thoughts and questions in class, knowing she would answer them constructively & without judgment. Given the chance, I would absolutely take another class with her!”


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